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Venturing into MSD-land
Since I'm on this "must have the classic!BJDs" kick, I found it impossible to resist a waifish MSD Sakura who popped up on eBay for cheap, awhile back. When she came, she looked so awful that I couldn't bear to take any pictures of her, poor little thing: she had "sexy" body blushing (I mean, seriously: how squicky is the idea of making a Volks MSD body sexy? *shudder*), a fashion-doll faceup done with what appeared to be nail polish, and a broken headcap holder-onner.

With the combined help of dear fairemma, who took on the project of cleaning and restringing her, and Korisanzu on DoA, who gave her a new faceup, I think Sakura-chan is finally returning to her natural state of old-school MSD sweetness. tubbysnuggles would call this style "cupcake barf," and she wouldn't be wrong, but sometimes it's necessary:

Otherwise, there's nothing to report that you haven't heard a thousand times before. Toshi offers a friendly chomp on the leg and a game of fetch, if anyone is in the mood:

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She has the most Ebil!Cute face I've ever seen. And yeah, cupcake barf. We need to get her into a pair of pants or a skirt - I'll send you some. So, and, um ... now that you have a mini model, does this mean sweaters in that size are not far behind?

Love her. I'm so glad you finally strayed into MSD territory. What's her name?

And hi Tosh-monster! Auntie Marsh needs to send him another hoof!

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