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Sasha Blaze


Introducing Keats (formerly known as Phang) and Val (formerly known as 77).

Both of them were brought to life, and then some, by the brilliant thelyn. *loves*

I didn't plan this, not to say plan, but as I've lived with the 77 for the past few days, I've realized that he looks like nobody so much as one of my favorite characters from many years' worth of sludge writing. Valentine Francis Mackenzie Geddes, M.A. (Edinburgh), b. 1895 in Methil, Fifeshire, d.--

--well, I haven't quite decided that yet. In terms of plot- and timeline, Val is stuck in London during Christmas week of 1922 at the moment, and will probably stay there for a good long while. I never intended to shell this character, or any character; that's not the way I approach the dolls at all. But here we are.

Why "Keats," you ask? Because it's all about the transformation:

But when I am consumed in the fire,
Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my desire.

Omake: Bermann option hands!

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Good lord -- I hadn't seen what Docshul had DONE to him . . . yikes!! The poor boy . . . Lyn really saved him!

(I usually like Docshul's work for Pipos, but . . . WHY DO THIS TO A POOR INNOCENT BERMANN??!? He's found a good home with you!)

-- A :)

Well, in fairness to Docshul, I think she inherited the teeth mods on the SA head rather than doing them herself . . . but she DID choose to paint both the 77 and the modded SA in that heavy, sooty style. Nobody seemed to be able to look past the faceups (and the choppers) and bid on the amazing dolls underneath--I was so lucky, I still can't believe it!

Didn't Lyn do an amazing job?? Uwaaaa!

Amazing transformations! Congrats on their loveliness :) I adore those eyes in Keats ♥

Those have been kicking around my eyebox for months--they're Silvers, mint green with brown pupils (like mint-chocolate-chip ice cream!). I do believe they've found a home. ;-)

Now, on to the project of finding the right eyes for Val, who should have gray or gray-blue ones. These Gumdrops True Olives aren't it, but neither are the two pairs of EDs that I bought in hope, dangit.

Even though I love most of Docshuls work Lyn did an amazing job!

I agree with Cheryl. That one picture of the teeth mod is just whoa and Lyn did uber fantastic!

Oh lovely! I am particularly amazed and delighted to see Phang come back from the brink (he looked like he was trying to channel that bizarre AOD werewolf with his fangs). I'm delighted to see them like this and I hope you're taking lots more pictures ... especially profile and 3/4 shots with that Bermann nose (dies of love from Bermann nose).

I want him to say "Represent~ D:" with those fist hands. X3

He'll always be Phang My Love™ to me. ^_~

Glad to see pics of them together!

ETA: I never noticed until I looked at your blank head pics and had them here in person that Val's head is definitely bigger than Keats'. Probably because the SA heads were cast from the original, but still...interesting to see the shrinkage.

Edited at 2009-02-22 11:26 pm (UTC)

They're now both officially gorgeous. Val is just quintessentially Bermann isn't he.


what a transformation indeed. omg, seriously. he is magnificent!!!!

and bermann originale is very gorgeous too; beautiful faceup. WOWEEE!!

Gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS pair. I would never have believed Phang could be made so beautiful. They are made of squee!

OH My !!! They are awesome, Just amazing
Lyn is fantastic!!!!

Well KUDOS to the very talented 'Lyn' and CONGRATULATIONS to you for having such gorgeous Bermann bishies in your household. They are both stunning!! :D


He'll always be Phang to me, though.

A thousand congratulations, lady.

Exquisite!!! How incredibly resin blessed you must be feeling, C! And lyn just totally outdid herself - gorgeous, wonderful work full of perfection!

really great new faceups/mods,they fit the boys you want now
I like both of the old faces in their style too

congrats for finding the dolls you dreamed of !!!

yey for saving the bmanns!! and Yey for their new happy home. :)

It is like rescuing puppies, isn't it? I bet you and Lyn have major warm fuzzies right now! Congratulations! You did good! :)

Much better. The toothy guy is the first doll I've seen that actually gave me a start!

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