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Introducing Keats (formerly known as Phang) and Val (formerly known as 77).

Both of them were brought to life, and then some, by the brilliant thelyn. *loves*

I didn't plan this, not to say plan, but as I've lived with the 77 for the past few days, I've realized that he looks like nobody so much as one of my favorite characters from many years' worth of sludge writing. Valentine Francis Mackenzie Geddes, M.A. (Edinburgh), b. 1895 in Methil, Fifeshire, d.--

--well, I haven't quite decided that yet. In terms of plot- and timeline, Val is stuck in London during Christmas week of 1922 at the moment, and will probably stay there for a good long while. I never intended to shell this character, or any character; that's not the way I approach the dolls at all. But here we are.

Why "Keats," you ask? Because it's all about the transformation:

But when I am consumed in the fire,
Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my desire.

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