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It will be spring one of these days . . .
. . . says Okaru! (New dress from Wicked Stitchery, too cute not to photograph.)

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on the B-boys--I'm buried in/at work (and ought to be grading exams right now, in fact), so I'm doing a lousy job of keeping up with LJ, and I apologize. Also for the backlog of personal e-mail, *sniffle.*

Re the Bermann post, I'm sure nobody will be much surprised to hear that the name "Keats" isn't sticking at all. Phang he is, and Phang I guess he will remain. Maybe in five or ten years we'll all forget how he got that name in the first place?

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Oh she is so pretty! And I like how the red really makes her blue eyes stand out!

Hope things clear up for you soon!

She's very beautiful, and her new finery is great. Real life seems to be ambushing so many of us these days.

yay for phang. Of course we do need more pics of him.

I love her so much! And the dress is lovely.

Poor Phang. Doomed, he is. He's much prettier now though!

That was a pretty burst of color in a bleak pale day. Nice to see you round, even a little bit. Yes, RL is getting in the way of resin way too much for me too (meh -- don't want to write a stupid book, want to play with dolls!).

what a BEEEYOOOTIFUL 4sisters! She is gorgeous.

I hope work eases up for you soon!!!

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