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Feeling mentally windblown.

(Above userpic is of boy now happily residing with cclemon, and leading a far more exciting resin life than he would have had around here. But it's too useful a picture to delete, heh.)

Why do I feel the need to save oddball dolls from languishing unsold on eBay or the Marketplace? And why, instead of following The Plan (one or two more 60ishcm girls and possibly another MSD in time), do I keep buying MOAR BOYZ? The Heavybomb (modded? I think so) (F-16? I think so) "Morris the Gentleman" is coming to live here, and heaven only knows what I'm going to do with him. The only thing I do know is that his name will damn well not be Morris.

I've signed on for another year of exhaustion and frenzy, i.e., a second tour as chair of the art department. The alternative (going back to fulltime in English) is singularly unappealing, given certain administrative changes in progress over there. I'm feeling more and more unsettled, because the long-term prospects here are looking bleak--not in terms of actually losing the job, but in terms of just how miserable the job is going to get. And stay. For the 15 years minimum that I still have to put in before I can even think about taking retirement.

Do I want to sell my AiL Alice head with the lovely Ravendolls faceup and replace it with the very School C head that I sold in favor of the Alice head? This impulse has seized me in the past couple of days; I'm still not crazy about the way the Alice head perches on the suwarikko neck, and as charmingly pouty as the Alice is, I kinda miss the School C's slightly sunnier personality. Plus, she looked killer in goofy Ospirit clothes, where the Alice seems to disdain them.

All the reviewers whose judgment I usually trust say that Baccano! is the Cowboy Bebop de nos jours. I watched the first episode and loathed it: too frenetic, too self-consciously clever, too loud in every possible sense. Now the latest issue of Otaku USA promises me that if I'll just hang in there past Episode 1, the true genius of this series will become apparent to me. I don't think I wanna.

I miss having time to play with my dolls.

I wish it would go ahead and storm, already. This looming thundery weight in the air is making my head ache and my soul turn prickly.

Does anyone else think that $544 plus shipping (converted from 430 euros) is a little much for a Liz head with a nonprofessional faceup? Or am I just disconnected from Volks-limited market values?

Must get off the computer, pick up the copies of the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship applications at Staples, stop at Walgreen's for Toshi's favorite salmon jerky treats, go to the post office and express-mail the applications to the district committee, NOT drive through Braum's for a sausage & egg biscuit because I gave up fast food for Lent, then come home and write the art department's annual assessment report. Then grade a set of exams, before papers start falling on me this week. Do music at church tomorrow, catch up on the laundry, find time to buy groceries. I'm not sure there are enough hours for all this stuff. Oh, and remember to set the clocks forward this evening.
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