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Random Yahoo!Japan musings

It's been a long time since I found myself bookmarking tons of auction listings on Y!J--like, between one and two YEARS ago. Maybe the change is in me and not in Y!J, but goodness gracious, there's a lot of great stuff for sale right now. And I don't mean the selling-off of collections (boredom? economic slump? both?), though I'm taking advantage of some of that! I snagged two darling castoff outfits from the same Japanese seller last night (baby_nurse, just pack up your whole collection and send it to me, there's a good girl), and I would put up pictures if the Dollpage hadn't gone catastrophically wonky all of a sudden.

I'm liking Lapin eyes very, very much. Has this maker been around for a while? I haven't paid much attention to Y!J eye auctions until recently, so I'm still fairly clueless.

Now, I didn't bid on this, because OMG!PRICE, but it is lovely. Dieu_bleu seems to be the flavor of the month; these prices are beating even Lyric of Siren (at least the auctions that I've noticed recently).

Since I'm not inclined to dress my boys like girls, Sweeney kinda mystifies me, but boy howdy, is this gorgeous stuff in its mystifying way:

momoko&nonoko is (are?) doing nice things with kimono, e.g.

Which makes me wonder: did tomoelwes get out of the SD kimono business altogether? I remember mooning over tomoelwes kimono auctions back in the day, and vowing that someday I would win one, only when I got to the point of having a little money . . . no more tomoelwes.

Oh me oh my, how I adore this Soar Plum head (modded oldskin F-05): I don't want to make Okaru jealous, because I loves my Okaru, but whoa.

I don't know that I would want to live with this consumptive or possibly ghostly Maki from freesia219b, but I'm more than happy to save one of his pictures:

And for those who asked, here's my eBay win, Heavybomb's "Morris the Gentleman." Do y'all think he's an F-16? Mouth and nose modded? These are Heavybomb's own pictures:

The newer auction pictures don't flatter him much, IMHO:

According to the listing, those are Antique Rose eyes, which, if they are, will be an exciting addition to the eyebox. I've never seen AR eyes in person, as far as I know.

Back to grading!
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