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Quick question about Antique Rose eyes, for those who know
Could you please describe the back of an AR eye for me?

This is preliminary to my posting pics of Genta--formerly Morris the Gentleman--and the eyes that came with him, since the package arrived last night and I won't have time for pictures until later today or tomorrow. He is beautiful, and his eyes are beautiful, but . . . I think I know what they are, and I don't think they're Antique Rose.

Note on head markings:

Trouble, my oldskin Lucas, is marked "K" on the inside of the head, just the way he ought to be.

Minako, my indisputable F28, is marked "Y X III", and her headplate says "04,07/FL." (So July 2004 FCS? Is that what that means?)

Genta is also marked "Y X III," though his headplate has gone astray over the years (only the glue lingers). Plus, side by side with Minako, he looks like her brother, where Trouble looks more like a cousin.

Edited to add a phenomenally awful picture of the Lucai Trio, because I just can't wait. These are not the "CH" eyes in Genta, BTW, but a pair of DropRops in Dull Green:

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They're flat-back, like Zouks. Do you have a photo of the ones that came with him?

I will have a photo later today, and thank you!! This confirms what I thought: these eyes are 100% not AR.

They're the solid glass eyes that used to come with Customhouse uniques and limiteds, and that were available for sale on the CH website in the early days--they have thin orangey-brown stems, extremely high paperweights, and a distinctive heavy threading. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a definite maker ID of them; the people I know just call them "those CH eyes," though I don't think anyone believes they were made in-house at CH.

It makes sense that Heavybomb would have used a pair of those eyes when she did a special doll for sale, because they would have been easy for her to get.

One of these days I will see a pair of AR eyes in person!

Yeah, sorry, I realized after I posted that you'd already said you wouldn't have a picture until later. ^^; Reading comprehension fails me (more often) in the mornings.

And ohh, yeah, those wouldn't be AR then. I think I've seen some of those on Y!J, but I don't really know much about them. But yeah, if they are CH eyes, it would make total sense for her to use them.

One day! O:

ARs are flatbacks so ... I'm sorry to hear they're not AR :\

but so he is a modded F28 then :) FL stands for the "FCS Lalaport," meaning he was ordered at the Tenshi no Sumika Lalaport branch.

Aha! And that headplate is Minako's, so that tells me a little more about her existence pre-Ravendolls. Genta is most definitely an F28, and I'm debating with myself about whether he's modded; the Heavybomb faceup makes him almost seem to have CH ducklips, but I'm kinda thinking that *is* just the painting, not painting over a lip mod. When I get better pictures, I know that more expert eyes than mine will have a good idea of what they're looking at. :-)

He's a F28 for sure.......I think those eyes were actually German made, with the golden stems. I remember seeing them on one other site, years ago, and I said "oh, so that's where CH gets them from".

It would be very cool to find the German maker--they're such distinctive eyes, and I think they deserve to be better-known than they are.

Still, how much fun would it have been if these *had* been ARs? Shoot.

What a gorgeous trio! You're a lucky, lucky lady.

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